Working as a GP in Ireland

General Practice is pivotal to societal wellbeing and the viability of the entire healthcare system in Ireland.  GPs in Ireland provide comprehensive whole person and continuity of care.  The GP is usually the first point of contact in matters of personal health, coordinates the care of patients and refers patients to other specialists, cares for patients of all ages and disease categories and cares for patients over a period of their lifetime. 

There are more than 2,500 GPs in Ireland, most of whom work in private practice, and who play a key, valued role in the community.  In Ireland there is a strong focus on continuity of care through a practice enrolment process. Patients are often treated by the same GP throughout their life.  In Ireland, GPs are also able to provide sub-specialised services in areas where they have additional qualification or a special interest.  This includes women’s health, dermatology, obesity, to name but a few.

General Practice in Ireland is largely comprised of small independent private practices, staffed by a lead GP (the practice owner) and associate, salaried GPs.  Since 2004, a General Practice network of 75 practices, Centric Health, has grown in Ireland which provides all of the back-office functionality for GPs, including practice administration and billing, staffing, finance, technology, property services etc. These networks enable GPs to be partners in their local clinics and allow doctors to focus on clinical care without the distraction of practice administration. Regardless of the type of practice, GPs tend to work business hours Monday to Friday, though some prefer to work part-time.  For others there are options to work evenings and weekends in after-hours cooperatives as well as digital online appointments jobs.

Like most countries, there is strong demand for GP services in Ireland. The Irish government is committed to ongoing reforms and investment in the healthcare system, with the aim of improving access, efficiency, and patient outcomes. General Practice in Ireland is funded by a mix of public and private payors. The Irish Government Health Service Executive (HSE) funds access to General Practice for approximately 32% of the population, and the proportion of the population eligible for Government funded primary care is progressively increasing. The remainder of the population funds privately, via private health insurers and/or patients paying out of pocket.

Generally, the quality of healthcare in Ireland is considered to be very good. The healthcare workforce is highly trained and strict regulation ensures continued standards of medical care. All medical practitioners registered with the Medical Council of Ireland have a statutory obligation to maintain their professional competence by actively participating in a recognised Professional Competence Scheme (PCS). The Irish College of General Practice supports GPs in developing their competencies, knowledge, skills, and attitudes through self-directed, practice-based learning.  This approach enables lifelong learning appropriate to the GPs’ scope of practice with the ultimate aim of providing safe, effective patient care.

Salaries and Benefits

According to the Irish Medical Organisation, experienced GPs in Ireland earn an average base salary of €125,000, for full-time equivalent work (normal business hours). A number of factors influence a GP’s earnings, such as:

  • Location of practice – Doctors in urban locations tend to earn more their rural counterparts.
  • Size of practice and number of patients in attendance.
  • GPs with specialist skills can earn more.

In addition to base salary, there are a number of other financial benefits that may be offered to GPs, including pension contributions, funding of medical indemnity fees, and contributions to upskilling and specialised qualifications.

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