Locumotion trip to South Africa

Locumotion trip to South Africa

Having built a 20 year long relationship with South Africa and our general practitioner colleagues, January saw Dr Ray Power dusting off his suitcase, and exploring the sights and sounds of Cape Town and Johannesburg once again.

Locumotion hosts annual road shows within South Africa, and despite external challenges, we strongly believe that the Irish Healthcare is all the richer for having these doctors be a part of our system.

The knowledge, skillset, expertise and cultural similarities allows for South African doctors to excel and hit the ground running when they arrive in Ireland. The mutual learnings and experiences enrich the Irish practice, the after-hours care, the Irish patient, but also the doctor returning home to South Africa.

Every year, interest continues to grow, as does our responsibility to help those we engage with develop personally, professionally and financially.

Driving factors always change, but working in Ireland is an opportunity

  • To earn Euro in Europe & travel
  • To experience healthcare practice in another country
  • To rejuvenate ones passion for general practice, by experiencing something different
  • To have a working holiday
  • For personal and professional development
  • For financial gain

We look forward to returning to South Africa in early Autumn, and as always are available to assist doctors with any queries associated with coming to work in Ireland, be it for short, medium or long term opportunities.