Locumotion's recent trip to Portugal & Spain

Locumotion's recent trip to Portugal & Spain

As the sun sets on this latest adventure in Portugal & Spain, it’s always good to reflect and take stock.

There is no doubt these are two multicultural countries, teaming with professional talent, keen to explore opportunities near and far.

The language, weather and outdoor lifestyle is something any country would find hard to compete with, but maybe with some luck of the Irish, we’ll plant some seeds in the minds of the emerging general practitioners.

We met several general practitioners in the process of specialisation, as well as fully qualified, seeking to work short term locum positions abroad, open to what the future may hold. Whilst some drivers are obviously financial, (earning a quarter of the monthly salary of their Irish counterpart), work life balance, job security and professional development are just as prevalent.

With the challenges of immigration and medical indemnity restrictions, Ireland has to compete alongside other firm EU favourites such as France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway & Denmark, to attract medical professionals. It just begs the question, are we offering enough to our homegrown talent, and indeed, attractive enough to incentivise fellow Europeans to take a chance on us?

Looking forward to finding out!