Important news regarding Irish Medical Council renewal

Important news regarding Irish Medical Council renewal

From May 2011, all doctors have been legally obliged to maintain their professional competence.

It is expected that, on average, each doctor will complete 50 hours of continuing professional development activity per year spread across internal (maintenance of knowledge and skills), external (practice evaluation and development), personal learning and research/teaching categories. In addition, each doctor is expected to complete one clinical audit per year. Doctors will plan activities in accordance with their needs based on their own day-to-day practice.

While the term "Professional Competence Schemes" is new, many of the activities that the schemes will involve are already in existence. The system formalises activities which the majority of doctors already engage in, ensures consistency and provides transparency which will help to build trust between patients and doctors.


Professional Competence Schemes, applies to all doctors whose names are entered in the General and Specialist divisions of the Register. The pursuit of training by medical practitioners registered in the Trainee Specialist Division shall in itself represent evidence of the pursuit of an applicable professional competence scheme.

If you are in the stages of renewing your Irish Medical Council registration, you will notice that you are being asked to fill out additional information regarding your Continuing Professional development (CPD) - the ARAF Maintenance of Professional Competence declaration (Question 1)

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