Expomedics 2019

Expomedics 2019

Locumotion is delighted to be visiting Coimbra, Porto, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid, Bucharest, Sofia, Budapest, Athens, Vilnius.

We are seeking to meet family doctors interested in coming to work in Ireland for short, medium or long term jobs - the choice is yours!

  • €10,000 before tax guaranteed per month, working 40 hours per week
  • €60-85 per hour OR €2750 GROSS per week
  • Clinical & Financial Orientation upon arrival and support throughout your placement
  • Package include General Practices, Urgent Care Clinics and Out of Hours Centres
  • Flexible hours available, short and long-term contracts - You Decide!
  • Accommodation is provided in Practices outside Dublin
  • You need to be eligible for IMC registration and no English exam is required
  • You will need at least 4 years post-graduate experience and 2 years will need to be in full time General Practice
  • A fantastic lifestyle opportunity with new personal and professional experiences
  • There is no obligation or registration fee, so why not explore your options?

Join us in the below locations, speak to Michelle direct, or else contact us for more information.

Click Here for address and times!


  • 13/09/19              Coimbra            
  • 14/09/19              Porto                
  • 15/09/19              Lisbon               


  • 21/09/19              Barcelona          
  • 22/09/19              Madrid             


  • 06/10/19              Bucharest           


  • 12/10/19              Sofia                  


  • 20/10/19              Budapest             


  • 09/11/19              Athens                


  • 01/12/19              Vilnius