Frequently Asked Questions 

These are some of the most frequently asked questions by Family Doctors looking to begin practice in Ireland.


How do I register with Locumotion?

  1. Send us an up to date CV
  2. Send us 2 Written References
  3. Phone interview with Locumotion Medical Director

*We’ll arrange for an Irish GP to give you a call at a time that suits you. The telephone interview lasts about 30 minutes 


What kind of GP work is available through Locumotion?

There are 3 main kinds of GP Locum available through Locumotion:

  • Daytime GP
  • Out of Hours GP
  • Urgent Care GP


How much do I have to pay to Register with Locumotion?

Registering with Locumotion is free of charge to all candidates.


Do I have to Register with the Irish Medical Council (IMC)

Yes, the Irish Medical Council is an independent regulatory body for doctors working in Ireland. It is a legal requirement that any doctor working in Ireland be registered with the Irish Medical Council. 


 I understand there are 2 “divisions” at the Irish Medical Council (IMC). Is this true?

Yes, there are 2 “divisions” at the Medical Council:

  • The General Register
  • The Specialist Register

You can think of them as two lists of doctors. All doctors on both lists are members of the Irish Medical Council and are licenced to pursue medical practice in Ireland. Depending on the medical education and further vocational training or specialisation you have completed, you will be eligible to join a particular Division of the council.


How do I find which IMC division am I eligible for?

To find out which division at the Council you are eligible to join, you can do this questionnaire on the Medical Council’s website.

Link to the Eligibility Quiz:


What expenses will I have if I want to work in Ireland?

As a locum you will have three main expenses

  • Medical Council Registrations and annual retention each year
  • Medical Indemnity cover
  • You will also need to consider expenses for accommodation, transport and general living expenses.


 I have more questions what can I do?

If you have further questions please contact us by email directly at or simply pick up the phone and call us on 00353 1 299 3550.